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Member Advantages

Check out the great advantages available in becoming a member of the Hampton-Chippewa Business Association.

  • Strength In Numbers

    The Hampton-Chippewa Business Association membership consists of nearly 100 businesses.

  • Networking

    Networking with local business owners, entrepreneurs and business professionals who share their expertise and have common goals.

  • Be In The Know

    Become and stay informed about our community through our website, newsletters and meetings.

  • Speakers At Meetings

    Professionals and experts are brought in to discuss pertinent topics to the small business community including government agencies, legal entities, technology, business opportunities and current events.

  • Camaraderie

    Promote business to business and business to community relations.

  • Advertising

    Members can "Spotlight your business" on our website to promote your specific business.

For a copy of the membership application you can find it here


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9HCBA Board Meeting
Tuesday May 2017

8:00 am at Eagle Bank on Chippewa Street

2nd Tuesday every month